200th Anniversary of U.S.-Russia Diplomatic Relations (1807-2007) US Department of State
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Especially for Youth: Resources for Teachers & Students

"The World Around Us" Artwork by Russian Students Original artwork by students in Novgorod and displayed at the city's American Corner.

The Latest News, Features and Lesson Plans

New! Essay Contest on 200 Years of Russia-U.S. Relations. Russian and American highschool students were invited to answer the question: "In 1807, the U.S. and Russia agreed to establish official diplomatic relations. In your opinion, what has been the most significant example of U.S. - Russia cooperation in the past 200 years?" The competition was held in eight regions in Russia, with two top essayists sent to the U.S. to attend the Ben Franklin Transatlantic summer workshops, along with other American, Eurasian and European students. For compete details, see story on the essay contest in this website.

Useful Web Sites for Teachers and Students. See this resource page for a wealth of information on the 200th Anniversary, John Quincy Adams, and more.

February 2007: Black History Month and The Amistad Case Years after his time as the first U.S. Ambassador to Russia, John Quincy Adams made a landmark defense of captured Africans on the ship "Amistad" who were bound for North America as slaves. These websites provide a rich collection of materials related to this event, which bolstered the abolitionist cause in the United States.

New! Junior Achievement's "Simple Words" Essay Contest. The JA Program in Russia conducted their annual national essay contest on US-Russia relations. JA Students in the United States may also participate. The theme of the competition is "Russia and America: 200 Years of Acquaintance."

The Samantha Smith Story. This website is dedicated to the life and memory of Samantha Smith, a 10-year-old girl from Maine who toured the USSR in 1982 at the invite of Soviet President Yuri Andropov. You can read U.S. diplomat Yvette Saint Andre's memory of Samantha Smith here.

Teaching American History and English in Russia. Developed by the English Language Office at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, this resource pages provides a wealth of materials designed specially for teachers, including lesson plans on American History.

American Culture Lesson Plans. Senior English Language Fellow Kevin McCaughey created these lessons plans based on the VOA's Special English Program, including: The Slavic Influence on American Music, Russian-born American Ingenuity, Bering Strait: Russian Groups Play American Country and What Does "Pektopan" Mean.

John Quincy Adams Lesson Plans. Designed by an American teacher, these lesson plans cover themes explored in the early diaries of first U.S. Ambassador John Quincy Adams, including those written while he was a teenager in Russia. Explore this site for ideas on discussion topics, themes for writing, lesson plan suggestions, and curriculum tips.

John Quincy Adams and The Amistad Incident: Lesson Plans. These colorful curriculum guides are among materials available for download from the Exploring Amistad at Mystic Seaport Website. Materials include historical overviews, culture guides, timelines, and other materials concerning the Amistad trail and the practice of slavery in early America.