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A Bicentennial Salute and Welcome from U.S. Ambassador to Russia William J. Burns

Photo of Ambassador to Russia William Joseph Burns

Welcome to our website to commemorate 200 years of diplomatic relations between Russia and the United States! The bicentennial of our relationship presents an opportunity to step back from the issues of the day and reflect on the ties between our two peoples.

Russians and Americans share a wide range of historical experiences and interests, which provide a solid foundation for partnership in many areas at the dawn of our third century together. Russia and America remain two of the world's leaders with unique capabilities and responsibilities which affect lives around the globe.

Through this bicentennial year, we will feature special events to showcase the ties and rich history of our two nations: from wartime cooperation against Fascism to peacetime efforts in space exploration; from achievement in science to excellence in art.

This year's programs and activities are also intended to stimulate thinking about the future, a future which should see Russians and Americans working together to meet the global challenges and opportunities ahead, from developing new energy technologies to eradicating disease.

Please join us in marking this milestone in our shared history. I welcome your thoughts about Russian-American relations.

Remarks by Ambassador Burns on the 200th Commemoration and Current Affairs with Russia

If you have a personal story recalling an aspect of the bilateral relationship over time, please email your essay (500 words maximum) to 200Anniversary@state.gov and we will publish it on this web site. The U.S. Embassy reserves the right to edit for brevity and content.